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Sorry for the various mistakes you will encounter, but I read in a book that the essential thing is to get the message out of what you wanted to say in another language; perfection is a secondary aspect! And based on this, I dared to translate via Google Translate this long article!
And if anyone wants to review the post - please. You can communicate with me via messenger on facebook. Thank you.

Do you want to understand how we were fooled for 300,000 years?
Let it be 5 or 6 thousand!
Want to know how the Matrix was created, the title of the famous film that clearly showed what has happened since ages here on Earth?
Then you landed in the right place!

I received a video a few days ago by one of my close friends - this one lives in the Cerrado from Mato Grosso but I met him in the 80's in São Paulo.
It´s a video of a channel, just me, whoever reads me, knows how much I avoid posting material channeled for a very simple reason:
- After reading some articles and even some books, I realized that from 100 you can get maximum even 10 that are not only authentic channels, but from Superior Sources! This is very serious, because when you read material from the subconscious of the chaneller, from the mental field (where everything is registered and open to the sensitive), from the astral where you also have everything: from the most abject junk to material of the Light (because of it comes from the higher spheres of the Astral), this all, in addition to not informing us, misinform us, deforms us, because real information is light!
Light is Information - I've written about this too!

So after seeing an hour of the video I convinced myself that it is worth watching - this special video has 4 hours!
It follows link for who wants to see and thus better understand the other video, which I selected from Youtube, at random, by the same author (Ibitian) and who made me transcribe the "blessed" to be printed and read to those who prefer to read, or to those who You do not have easy access to watch videos online.
If I gave myself to this work is because I found the material very key - reading below (or watching the video) you will know. Incidentally, I found the material so incredible that I decided to translate it into English and that was cheeky of me, because my English is very basic as I say (it was very bad, as one day an Englishman told me that I met on my trip to India and I had to laugh a lot !!!).
That is: I have not read anything similar elsewhere, except in the material of Sixto Paz - his mentors speak of Time Folds - but I will comment separately, in an article commenting on this material by Ibiatan and other authors, who present other facets the theme about this moment and THE EVENT, including COBRA, Corey, Sixto, etc.

Video of 4 hours mentioned:
About geological changes - Ibiatan Upadian - August 2017

Video of 1h18 minutes, object of this article
(Perhaps it is better to see this first for several reasons)
Change in the corridor of time = paradigm break, matrix change - Ibiatan Upadian - May 2017

Follow the transcript of the video above by Helena Schaffner

- The few comments I made within the article follow in [...]! The other comments I will post next, because the theme requires it, given the key moment we are living - just read the below will understand a good part. Ibiatan shows a facet of the current picture and very near future, but there are other authors that describe other facets and this is what I will also comment on the article COMMENTS ... (I have not yet defined the title).
- I started by transcribing the content into sentences, but soon I began to transcribe the words of Ibiatan, and from there I used the sentence system, finally ... as it flowed! By the way, his difficult name, it took me a long time to decorate!


[Remember that this is the transcription of a video, where many sentences are said without an exact sequence, even though I have adjusted some, because I avoided to change the text to the maximum].


- Gaia is being benefited by a change in its route, in its paradigm, in our matrix [distorted reality].
- Previously there were changes in 1987 in the secondary and tertiary corridors.
- And the current one is a continuation of the previous ones bringing a break of paradigm.
- A time corridor links the planets and in the end there is one or more portals to the reality of that planet where there is life.

- When beings (creator gods - will explain later who they are) 300,000 years ago invaded planet Earth, but not only ours but the other planets of the Solar System, assuming the command - they promoted changes in the Time Corridors, that are like Worm Paths that connect the various planets and are separated by Portals that allows the control of those who travel through them, including Energies that come from the Primordial Creator, that pass through a selection (of them!) And these Gods Time Manipulators allow only the energies that interest them, creating a reality, a matrix (forged) for these Planets!
- The vibrational frequency of the Planet, or the paradigm, is an Archetype created to be experienced by that Planet - or the fundaments that govern life on that planet, the principles, standards, norms, finally the TRUE VIGOR ON THAT PLANET.
- On Planet Earth was imposed a false truth that was lived over 300 thousand years and THE PEOPLE believe it is contained in the sacred books (like Bible, Koran, etc. according to the races).

- Therefore, the truths contained in these books do not represent a COSMIC TRUTH, but local, directed, controlled and manipulated!
Thus, when a Time Corridor is connected to that planet it brings the Principles correlated to that Planet, it establishes the codes of the portals of access to that Planet and also establishes the Dimension in which that planet will vibrate.
- Finally, the REALITY AND HISTORY TO LIVE IN THAT PLANET IS DETERMINED BY A REALITY CREATED AS A MATRIX! And the Planet comes to live according to that matrix - always repeating over time through civilizations.
- Each planet has parallel dimensions - 12 to the total - and in each dimension the planet's history is lived in different times!

- This Matrix is as if it were a movie, a plot, that the population of that planet should experience, usually the Time Corridors are spiral shaped and this leads the civilization of that planet to experience the reality of that planet repeatedly of history, so everything obeys a previously established program and Planet Earth is not the only one, but in our case, we are under the control and manipulation of non-Light beings.

[This is what in the Bible is called FALL, being that there was a great original fall from Paradise - which he explains in another video - and smaller falls afterwards, which made us totally forget about our divine origin said so Highly simplified!]

- They control not only the planet Earth, but all the planets of the Solar System.
[Here I understood why in the World Meditation made public via Cobra, we are asked to visualize the Energy of the Great Central Sun to bathe all the Planets of the Solar System and not only the Planet Earth, remembering that this Energy of the Central Sun is also synonymous with Cosmic Fire, Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, Pleroma, etc. - and that each time and race was given a different name, just as the name God is used in various ways].

- The planet Earth vibrates at the lowest vibratory frequency of the Solar System, the others vibrate at higher frequency,
- Mars, for example, vibrates in the 4th dimension,
- Venus vibrates on the 6th,
- Saturn vibrates in the 7th Dimension,
- Jupiter in the 9th Dimension,
- the Sun in the 11th Dimension.
Always according to the Matrix created for each of them.

Therefore what determines is the Time Corridor that gives access to each one of them and the vibratory frequency, the reality to be lived, the paradigm (the truth of that planet, the goals of evolution, norms, principles) and determines the control of who enters and leaves.


All quadrants of the Universe are controlled by these Creator Gods, created by the PRIMORDIAL CREATOR, Gods whom many call Angels, Archangels, Elohim, of different hierarchies and functions.
They created the whole structure of the Universe at the service of the Creator and many created for the Creator and many created civilizations that vibrate at high frequencies of light.
But many beings have decided to confront the Creator and to put their norms and paradigms in different places, galaxies, solar systems, to feed them like slaves, giving them power [about such systems and realities].

- Therefore, in the Universe there are forces in total disagreement and disharmony with the Creator, trying to impose his will, trying to take the command of the Universe.

These Creator Gods have the power to create Time Runners, Planets, Life in general, with the power given them by the Primordial Creator.
They are true sidereal scientists, sidereal engineers, masters of the spirit, working with the power given them by the Creator.

And while some use the powers for creation, the vibrational frequency of love, others use them to promote their personal interests, while others use them to promote the evolution of beings to bring consciousness to the Universe, others to create slaves, to giving them privileges, facilities and food and many are raised as cattle - as food!

[Some genera of reptilians feed on humans, and there are other evolved that feed animals, but only those that volunteer for them - said Alf Jasinski in his books in German, when in contact with two inbred races for many years ago - one which came from the outside but was trapped on Earth by the closing of the corridors - using the term of the Pleiadians - and the other originating from the Earth, but peaceful, reptilian DNA, that is, for these, animals that offer themselves in food, lie down in front of the house and "die" to be consumed without pain - this somewhat resembles the respectful attitude as some tribes of Natives used to treat the hunted animals in the case - those who were called primitive by the "white civilized men"; of course there are primitive Natives themselves and there are whites evolved not only technologically, but morally and spiritually - who knows me knows that I have a weakness for Native Americans - that by them they retain their wisdom, but to speak of them would give one more article].

They are creative gods who do not know what love is, who do not vibrate in the frequency of love.
Planet Earth was created to vibrate in the frequency of love, but, unfortunately, these beings invaded and promoted changes and changed the locks of the doors, they changed the means of access and with that they inserted a matrix of control, of manipulation of the corridors of the time , of mental control; created an illusory reality as if it were the truth, they created a distorted form of evolution for this humanity, an illusory form of evolution, where the beings lived by function of karma, a whole religious paradigm, of a god who Punished, created a whole paradigm of false norms and foundations to rule life on this planet, from which came the religions, the masters, the angels, the archangels, the intraterrestrials, extraterrestrials, all the divisions that they created, was to had the planet under their control. So that they could better control and manipulate mankind and the civilizations of other planets. The control of all this was established in the artificial satellite of the Earth called the Moon.

[Is there evidence today that the Moon has owner or why do you think that man has never stepped on the Moon? He goes to Mars but the Moon? I have posted articles from people who have been there].

The Moon was built in Orion, was brought by the reptilians, and it became a Control Center and all the civilizations that are in the solar system, the moon is the headquarters, the command center of all these races that do not vibrate in the frequency of  light and that are in the solar system controlling and manipulating the civilizations in each planet of the solar system. For this they use technology that limits the pulse or the vibratory frequency of humanity or the beings of other planets, thus preventing humanity from evolving and accelerating its vibratory frequency through the acceleration of its pulsar.
All this had a secret that was the reason for everything, which are the


The Pleiadians created in 1987 the secondary and tertiary corridors of time and began in this way to give consciousness to the Humanity and she began to realize that something was wrong and that the truth was not that presented to us.

And then they began to investigate, to research and began to discover that everything we experienced was a lie, it was an illusion, that the truth was different. And the truth has come to the surface and today we culminated with the change of the main corridor - this happened about two weeks ago [note: the video I transcribed this material was posted in May 2017], and for those who are accompanying the messages from Corey Goode of the Blue Aviators, who are the Pleiadians, must have realized that the Solar System was full of great spheres of translucent energies, much larger than many planets.
[Note: photos and videos on the internet have been posted for all tastes for a long time]. It was speculated on the origin of these spheres until the commander of the Blue Aviars informed GC that the purpose of these spheres was to work to soften the power of electromagnetic waves to promote changes in the solar system; This is not a lie, but it is not the whole truth, it was what was allowed to say at the time, today they are saying what the function of these spheres is:
- The beings who use these spheres are the Ancients of Days, the Masters of the Pleiadians, bringing the new corridors of time that would be inserted into each planet, in this case the corridors of primary times that would be inserted in each planet of the solar system and therefore could not reveal the whole truth, although the non-light forces knew that at any moment they would try to implant the new corridors of time.

These beings of the non-light that are here and living below the Earth, and part within the Moon, these beings, who are in other parts of the Universe and, especially in our solar system, they have the technological capacity to know everything that Is happening because they monitor the workers of light who are in contact with the higher levels of spirituality to know what is happening; So they knew by surprise what was going on, but not when and what was going to happen.

So these Elders of Days, also called by Corey Goode of Triangle Head, brought  the new Time Corridors and inserted them into all the Planets of the Solar System ... they had to be inserted in secret, and so it was also placed a frequency barrier around the solar system to prevent non-light beings from escaping, not allowing any beings into and out of the solar system. The goal was to prevent these non-light beings from escaping and prevent them from doing what they had planned, which would be to destroy the planet with nuclear weapons if the beings of light intervened, before they fled, that is, before they fled they would detonate the planet, the same way they did with Maldek, which was a planet in our solar system that existed near Mars, which they exploded and which gave rise to the asteroid belt that exists near Mars.

So these Time Corridors  were brought by the Ancients of Days along with the Pleiadians through these giant spheres that were stationed throughout the solar system. And without the interference of non-light beings, these corridors were coupled to the respective planets, thus promoting the paradigm shift of each of these planets, promoting the matrix change, the divine reality that lived on each of these planets [I understand that he speaks of the original matrix that was inoperative], promoting the vibrational change of each of the planets, and opening the portals of these planets to the entrance of light and forces that comes from the Primordial Creator and blocking the entrance of non-light beings.
So the Gateways of access to each of the planets and the Time Corridors have passed to control the forces of light and what will happen is that we will feel the decrease of that pressure that we felt about us.

The guidance of the Pleiadian brothers and which we convey here many times was that we should become ISLANDS OF LIGHT in the midst of darkness, ISLANDS OF LIGHT in the midst of darkness, connected with the Creator, to feed this island of light with light; our source should be our connection to the Primordial Creator. Hence these non-light forces were increasing the pressure on these Isles of Light; the draconians who use the Moon to send electromagnetic energy of mental manipulation on humanity, the hypnotic energy, they have increased to the maximum limit of the frequency of electromagnetic energy sent to the planet Earth and to Humanity, according to the Pleiadians, they have reached the maximum power , that in other conditions, in other times, this could have destroyed the Humanity, were not the capacity of self-protection that the Humanity has.

So Humanity was able, well or badly, to resist this pressure sent by the Draconians from the Moon, thanks to the level of consciousness that humans have attained; at other times they would have destroyed us. And although this created a lot of imbalance, in which many lost, committed suicide, gave themselves drugs, tried to escape through drugs to escape reality, many managed to resist and managed to stay connected to the Creator, challenging these forces that were being sent the humanity.

The pressure has increased significantly, causing the imbalance and destruction of many brothers, but now this pressure will begin to decrease, it has already been decreased, according to information of the Pleiadian brothers, due to the change of the Timeline installed a few days ago, reducing pressure Electromagnetic that was being exerted on Humanity.

As the change of time corridors occurs, this paradigm shift, and the matrix, there is a decrease in the power of these beings over Humanity and Planet Earth and all the planets of the solar system. It is a process of decay that is going to run quickly - over the next 3 years we will be free of the forms of manipulation that many brothers claimed, put themselves as victims, who could not be blamed for not being able to wake up because of all the pressure and manipulation they were suffering.

So for this reason, by understanding these arguments, the Forces of Light acted to eliminate all this pressure, making change in the corridor of time. So from now on we have no more excuses to keep us asleep. We have no more excuses to fulfill our spiritual mission on the planet, because this matrix of reality in which we lived, was changed with introduction of the new time corridor.

So we are living the conception of a new humanity, of a new planet, with the introduction of the new time corridor, the new paradigm, the new matrix. The creation of the new corridor of time represented for humanity the liberation from the slavery in which it lived. A new energy matrix has been inserted, which is the matrix of evolution, of freedom of spiritual evolution. We were graced with this gift and thus freed ourselves from slavery, from all manipulation and control that there was ... and the Pleiadian brothers are reminding us that this is not a process that represents the change from water to wine, overnight, but it is a gradual process, this (negative) force gradually decreases, day after day, over these 3 years and we are given the freedom to use our free will - from now on we have no excuses. 
We are gradually taking control over our free will, freeing ourselves from all pressures and forms of manipulation. So everything we've done from now until 2019 until the time of the Planetary Transition is 100% according to our free will - all we do is no with  pressure, no with  manipulation. It is time for us to really show that we are gods of creation, that we are able to create our reality, that we can awaken our conscience, recover our power, and walk with our own legs.

So Brothers, everything we do from now until the moment of transition is what will really be worth definition for the path, the destiny that we will have at the moment of transition [In the video URGENT - MUDANCÁS GEOLÓGICAS ... it speaks of the destiny of Each soul according to its vibratory level].
Then we will no longer have these interferences in our process of awakening, in our process of evolution. We are free, these pressures that still exist, will continue to decrease over the course of time, over time, will soon be no longer felt in any way, and we will begin to use our free To build our reality.

As co-cretions gods, it is time to wake up to our responsibility to the process, the divine plan for the planet Earth and humanity. It is time for us to fulfill our mission and make the necessary changes.

These beings of the non-light that are here living inside the Earth, on the Earth, in the 4. Dimension, inside the Moon and in other points of the planet, they will begin to lose their powers and they will appeal - they will go crazy, they are already crazy, they will appeal ugly, they will create a lot of confusion [probality in the terrorist attacks and others].

The Pleiadians had already warned that they should reveal to Humanity the whole truth ... here was some flaw in the video - it speaks of 50 years to keep in power... 
[It seems to indicate that they have requested this term and this reminds of the breaking of the seals of the Bible ..., in fact, a Christian astronomer, I think, associated the 7 seals to the 7 planets of the Pleiades !!! But it is especially reminiscent of the famous Data-Limit, which was even generated by a film, passed on by Chico Xavier - I'm going to pass down a link of the theme to those who have never read or only know by heart - I personally believe that at the time Chico did not know about Event, but by chance or not, everything indicates that the Event mentioned by Cobra, Corey Goode, David Wilkock and others will end up occurring until 2019 - I want to believe that before World Meditations, a subject on which I have also written and has Links available in SPECIAL LINKS - right side of this blog].

But the forces of light were not deceived, they [the forces of the non-light I understand], had been claiming that total revelation could cause chaos on the planet; that is, the fact that the forces of light provide for the change of the corridor of time so that all truth will gradually surface and all the pressure and manipulation kept on us will cease to exist ... over these 3 years.
Many brothers who came to live from illusions created by religions, philosophies, are going to screw up. Some are already coming in. Many who lived on the basis of religious, saints,  Bible stories, dogmas, will begin to discover that the truth is not quite right.
Then many will have an outbreak because they do not want to accept the truths that will come to the surface. Many brothers will discover that they lived in the fantasy world ...

Others brothers are very attached to ufological concepts that have a totally misleading foundation, others will find that our science has no true basis. Unfortunately some brethren will not endure all this change, but we do not have more time here to put warm cloths, to spare those who have plunged into religious fanaticism, into stuck scientific concepts, or those who follow gurus, teachers, those who live in idolatry, worshiping Saints, avatars and other beings, many of them created by all this manipulation by these manipulators, and others who existed but were deified, were created as a force to be worshiped or idolized by human beings, to give power to those who created these personfications. Many characters in our history were justly created to be worshiped and idolized serving this idolatry and food worship for manipulative deities.

We have throughout history many avatars, many prophets, many beings who brought knowledge, who have contributed in some way to the evolution of humanity. These beings have been deified by these manipulative beings, and many brothers live within a religious fanaticism that will bring them a very great shock when they discover the whole truth.
The forces of light have made this corridor change, so that all this consciousness will come gradually over these 3 years. Let nothing come suddenly to spare these brethren who are deluded in many dogmas, beliefs and philosophies.

But as much as the forces of light have worried, there is a need to implant these changes and bring the truth to the heart of those who hurt and some of the brothers of the light will have problems and difficulties, unfortunately.
Many brothers are linked to realities that were created on the planet by intraterrestrial beings. Many are living in a fantasy world, primarily through philosophies and religions that were created by intraterrestrial brethren. We have within the Earth the creation of second generation beings, who are more like monkeys, beings that do not yet have an individual level of consciousness of the Third Dimension, are beings of the Second Dimension, in evolution.

There are (also) in the interior of the Earth many civilizations that are human and other nonhuman beings that are extraterrestrials, that have become intraterrestrials, and that are beings that have been left here to be our guardians, to guide humanity, to protect us; Many of our mentors are beings that live underground. Many of the beings who were supposed to protect and guide Humanity began to live their civilization in an isolated and selfish way, failing to give us assistance. Many of these beings have presented themselves as our gods, our masters, our saints, have created systems of beliefs, dogmas, and a whole fantasy world for mankind to live [whoever read Corey knows  above, or even via book The Law of One].

And mankind came to believe in these fantasies, in these beings, and believe that they were gods that they were beings to be our masters and so on.
And many will then come across such fantasies and many of the intraterres will be held accountable by the Creator in this phase of change.
The forces of non-light have already tried to negotiate to let them leave the planet and the Pleiadian brothers have told them that they will have to bear the consequences of all their actions.

And the same happens to humans and non-humans living below the Earth. It is not about hurt or rancor or hatred towards these beings, on the contrary, we should vibrate love for all of them, intras, extraterrestrials, we must forgive them for the mistakes they made. But we must charge Divine Justice. That is: do not confuse forgiveness with tolerance the wrong things.
The forces of non-light have the tendency to negotiate when there is no way out - they want to negotiate forgiveness and love, they want the forces of light to be patronizing them. This is not the function of the forces of light. We should rather always vibrate love to all these beings who committed atrocities, to all these extraterrestrial, intra civilizations, and that have caused humanity so much suffering over tim.

We must undestand that they were the counterpoint of light.
That they were fulfilling their function.
Therefore we must emanate vibrations of love and forgiveness, but will be held accountable for all that they have done wrong.
This is the Divine law and they will not escape it.

And when we practice the decree of Divine Cleanness, we must emanate love, charge divine justice and ask that they be removed from the Planet, because now is the moment of cleansing the planet. It's not about forgiving and leaving them there to keep making the same mistakes.
This is the moment of evolution of the Planet. So it is not a process of hatred and rancor but rather that the planet is rising a step in the evolution of it, reaching the vibration of love and therefore these beings have no way to stay here. They should be exiled to planets that have the vibrational frequency compatible with theirs.
It is not for us to ask for punishment, but for justice.

The same thing happens with a child [cites the example if the child makes mistakes we will not hate it, but will correct it with love, to become responsible citizens in the future, by setting limits and asking for accountability - and the same procedure should Be applied to these beings and civilizations: they can not do what they please and leave freely, in a good way - they will make the same mistakes elsewhere.

[I'm tired of copying and so I'm going to summarize the rest of the video - he insists enough on the point of these beings now being terrified, because they never thought they would have to pay for their acts someday].

It says that we must ask for the whole truth to surface with the least possible trauma, in peace and harmony, for the planet to be purified, to build a new civilization based on the truth.

It resumes the fact that those who have deceived us and who have not taken care of us and are at risk of being exiled from the planet Earth, and that this concerns them equally.

It asks us to vibrate love and be open to the truth.

He says that many will not be able to accept the truth - it speaks of human beings who will resist and that we must help them without, however, getting involved in their imbalances, but vibrating love at a distance.
He also said that the forces of light seized a moment of world commotion in the face of the threat of a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea to install the new Time Corridor, they were just waiting for the moment of commotion as it must be done in this form, so this war will not happen, do not vibrate fear, everything is under control, as beings of the non-light created this scenery to feed themselves and were shot in the foot and this created a suitable moment for the forces of light to introduce The new Time Corridor, so vibrate love, because it is time to build the new destination. Vibrating love for the planet. And that in the next 3 years we will define our destiny on Planet Earth.

He finished the video saying:
I want everyone to find their Light, within themselves, without ideologies, and dogmas, listening to the inner voice of the heart, being attentive to our intuition, not engaging in confrontations, disputes, conflicts, vibrating unconditional love of everything and all.

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